Picture Perfect Whiteness: the Facts About Whitening Your Teeth

April 4, 2017

Spring brings weddings, graduations, and other social gatherings that make many people think about their smiles. I mean, think of all the pictures that one occasion entails!


Myth: Teeth start as perfectly white teeth.

FALSE! No one is born with perfectly white teeth. In fact, humans naturally have a hint of yellow or gray in their teeth, and this hint can vary over a range of intensity.


Myth: Tooth whitening causes sensitivity.

KIND OF TRUE! Tooth whitening treatments can definitely cause sensitivity to cold during and for a short time following whitening. The degree of sensitivity varies from person to person but is usually only a temporary discomfort. Sensodyne is a toothpaste that is often suggested if a patient complains of tooth sensitivity (whether it's caused by whitening treatment or not).


Myth: Some teeth shades whiten easier and quicker than others.

TRUE! Yellowed teeth seem to have the best results, while some staining cause by antibiotics taken during tooth development or fluorosis can be nearly impossible to eradicate.


Myth: Teeth whitening is permanent.

FALSE! No matter what teeth whitening treatment you use, your teeth will become stained again at some point. T